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Our Story

Our archive collection of patterns originated in 1984 when we first discovered the potential for printing and patterning in colour whilst distributing and demonstrating equipment for RK Associates from America.

The history of the equipment goes back many years, due to the shortage of wall paper in Germany and parts of Europe,  an alternative was needed and sourced i.e. pattern paint rollers.

The Decoprint Collection

We have a wide variety range of patterns suitable for every area in your house or your business place.

Suitability & Limitations

If it’s a perfect, unblemished, expensive wallpaper look you’re after, this may not be for you.

As with all handcrafted work, there may be slight imperfections. In wall printing, there is a half inch border round all perimeters and obstacles such as light fittings, and for the perfectionist, radiators may have to be removed. These problems do not occur during printing of furniture and fabrics.

The benefits of printing far out way the negatives e.g. Eco friendly, easily redecorated with little or no damage to wall surfaces. When it comes to changing the pattern there is no arduous task of paper removal!

In our opinion Decorprint is ideally suited for commercial businesses, restaurants, cafes, salons, shops, offices, hotels, rental cottages, farmhouses, temporary background for TV, film and theatre sets the list is endless.

All this creates a unique finish – Decorprint

The Creative You…

Can come out with full walls, borders, accent columns, accent panels, fan patterns, large feature designs, clustered designs, and the patterns can be opened up or closed as tight as you like.

Just think of an idea and It’s Possible with Wallprinting.

And for total room coordination, fabrics such as curtains and pillows can be printed, walls, ceilings, floors – inside and out – the list is endless.

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